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The one-time purchase of a personal non-transferable registration key for NewCat unlocks the entire test for your professional use — subject to the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA) — with no expiration date and no limit upon the number of times the test can be administered.

IMPORTANT: In order to obtain a registration key, you must enter below your full name exactly as you wish it to appear on the opening screen and on the PDF-formatted test reports generated by the NewCat application. The name that you provide here will be encrypted into the registration key stored on your computer and cannot be changed once issued.

If you routinely employ a middle name, middle initial, and/or hyphenated first or last name in your clinical reports, include these with the appropriate spaces and punctuation. Please keep record of the name that you provide here, because when validating your registration to unlock the full test you must enter it again — one time only — exactly as it was encrypted in the registration key.

However, do *not* include any professional credentials in your name. The program is designed to enable registered users to update their credentials over time, but this is possible only when these are stored as an item separate from your name. When entering your registration key to unlock a preview copy of NewCat, you will be asked to specify whatever credentials should be appended to your name on test reports. These can be updated at any time via the program Preferences menu item.

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Upon completing your purchase, the Merchant of Record (Paddle.net) will forward to the email address you provided both a purchase receipt and a message that includes your personalized 12-character registration key code. (This may require up to a minute or so, depending upon your financial institution.) If these do not arrive in your email Inbox within a few minutes, be sure to check your “junk” folder just in case these were flagged as spam. Otherwise please contact me or Paddle.net for help.

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