NewCat is a cross-platform application that emulates the original Halstead Category Test (HCT), widely accepted as among the most sensitive tests of cognitive dysfunction. It is intended exclusively for use by licensed clinical psychologists, clinicians in allied professions with similar qualifications, and trainees in supervised graduate and post-grad neuropsychology programs as an affordable alternative that runs on both macOS and Windows PCs. NewCat presents, scores, and generates PDF-formatted reports for several forms of the test, with features designed to support both clinical assessment and research.

NewCat opening splash screen
NewCat opening splash screen

Computerized versions of the the Category Test have been demonstrated to yield results equivalent to the original projection device and booklet versions. By hiding the computer menus, presenting against a full-screen black background test figures redrawn as SVG images that match the highest available screen resolution, and employing as one option the traditional audio feedback, NewCat was designed to resemble as closely as possible the experience of completing the test on the original device.

See the NewCat Features page for a more detailed list of the program’s features. The HCT Overview page provides a brief introduction to the Halstead Category Test. Download the NewCat Manual (in PDF format) for step-by-step instructions for installing the the program, administering the test, and generating test reports.

A preview version of NewCat that displays and generates reports for the first two subtests is available for download for macOS and Windows from the Downloads page. This is intended to provide prospective users the opportunity to evaluate its features and performance without compromising the overall security of the test. It never should be employed as part of an actual clinical evaluation.

In accordance with the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, the purchase of a license key that unlocks the full test is restricted to clinicians qualified by training and experience to employ this test and to graduate/post-grad trainees under their direct clinical supervision. See the Purchase page for details regarding these requirements and the procedure for obtaining a personalized license key.