As a licensed clinical psychologist (Ph.D. Loyola University Chicago 1985) my career has been devoted primarily to education and training: teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, supervising the clinical work of graduate and postgraduate trainees for a private group practice, and — well over a decade before the recent pandemic — developing a fully-online undergrad major in psychology for a local university. My own clinical practice was limited to conducting adult neuropsychological evaluations for state agencies that served underprivileged clients, while a background in graphic design and programming contributed to the development of psychometric software.

NewCat originated in 1996 as a macOS alternative to the Microsoft Windows-only computer versions of the Halstead Category Test (HCT) — including the well-documented version created by my colleague James Choca, whose support was invaluable. However, test publishers at the time were anticipating Apple’s imminent demise, so this Mac-only version never found a commercial outlet.

Now rewritten from scratch as a cross-platform application for both current Windows and Mac operating systems — with test figures redrawn to support the new high-resolution computer screens and a number of new features — NewCat is published here as an affordable alternative to other commercial versions of the test. My hope is to encourage grad students under qualified supervision to become familiar with the HCT and possibly even contribute to a new generation of research.

In addition to NewCat, I have programmed cross-platform versions for my colleague James Choca’s bilingual (English/Spanish) Emotional Assessment Survey (EAS) and his Hermann10 Rorschach Scoring Assistant — both of which are available as free downloads from his website (

For questions and technical support regarding NewCat, one option is to use the website Contact page, which includes a convenient form to submit questions and comments. Alternatively, I can be contacted directly at the email address below. In either case, I promise a quick response.

Jeffrey M. Kunka, Ph.D.
September 2022