NewCat Features

The preview version of the cross-platform NewCat implementation of the Halstead Category Test (HCT) is available for download from this website. Only the first two subtests are enabled, which should be sufficient for prospective users to evaluate its functionality without compromising the test itself.

Note that purchase of a registration key that unlocks the entire test is restricted to clinical psychologists qualified by training and experience to employ the test and to graduate-level students in neuropsychology under direct supervision for purposes of training and research. (These conditions are detailed on the Purchase page of this website.)

NewCat includes the following features (among others):

  • Available as both Windows- and macOS-native applications.
  • Distributed via secure code-signed installers (.msi for Windows and .dmg for macOS).
  • Presents, scores, and generates PDF-formatted test reports for three versions of the test: the original Adult version (208 items, for ages 15+), Intermediate (adolescent) version (168 items, ages 9-14), and the shorter Russell-Levy RCAT (95 items, for adults).
  • Test presentation designed to resemble as closely as possible the experience of the original test: Computer desktop and menus hidden by a black backdrop, test figures redrawn to display at the highest available resolution, response input limited to keyboard/keypad numbers 1-4, and the option to employ the traditional audio (bell/buzzer) feedback.
  • All processing of client information, test responses, and scoring is handled on the user’s computer. No information is ever transmitted to a remote web server and is saved only to one’s own Documents folder.
  • In order to promote its use in research, actual test responses and select demographic data for multiple respondents optionally can be aggregated and saved to a single .csv formatted text file for import into a spreadsheet or statistics program.
  • At time of purchase, the encrypted registration key provided to unlock the test includes the clinician’s name, which will be displayed automatically on the opening splash screen and on every test report. When unlocking the test, one may specify any professional credentials that should be displayed along with one’s name. These credentials (although not the name itself) can be updated at any time.
  • A secure third-party service is employed as merchant of record to process the purchase of a registration key and to provide that key via email immediately upon completion of the transaction. That merchant holds all financial information in confidence and informs me only of the purchaser’s name and email address.
  • This is not a subscription service. The one-time purchase of a personalized and nontransferable registration key will remain valid for as long as the application remains compatible with the corresponding operating system. Every effort will be made to update the program when necessary. Although unsolicited notices of program updates will not be issued, users are encouraged to opt in to the mailing list maintained for that purpose.
  • A NewCat QuickStart Manual — available in PDF format — includes detailed instructions for downloading, purchasing, registering, and administering the test, along with screenshots of the various dialog input windows and illustrated example of a test report that explains its format and features.
  • A website Contact page and email address are provided to answer questions and provide support.