NewCat Quickstart Manual

The NewCat Quickstart Manual, available for download as a PDF document, explains how to install NewCat for both Window and macOS computers and includes step-by-step illustrated instructions for preparing and administering the test. It explains also the procedure for entering the personalized registration key that unlocks the entire test and the option for employing its use in research.

Please Note: Purchase of a registration key is restricted to psychologists qualified by training and experience to employ the test and to graduate students under their direct clinical supervision. See the Purchase page of this website for details.

View NewCat Quickstart Manual in new tab (PDF)

Download NewCat Quickstart Manual (PDF .zip)

Preview Versions of NewCat

Preview versions of NewCat are available as separate downloads for Windows and macOS. Only the first two subtests will be administered, scored, and used to generate test reports in PDF format. These previews are intended solely for the purpose of evaluating its features before purchase and are not to be employed for actual clinical assessments or research. Consult the QuickStart Manual for details regarding installation.

NewCat for Windows. Provided as a conventional Windows installer (.msi) file that for security has been code-signed by a Microsoft Certificate Authority. Requires Windows 10/11.

Note: The default print driver included in some recent Windows 11 updates is known to prevent some applications from launching properly. This problem can be avoided or corrected by deleting that print driver and downloading the latest version of the driver available from the manufacturer of your printer.

Download Windows Installer (.msi)

NewCat for macOS. Provided as a conventional macOS disk image (.dmg) file that for security has been code-signed and notarized by Apple. Requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina), 11.x (Big Sur), or 12.x (Monterey), and includes Macs using the new M1/M2 processors.

Download macOS Disk image (.dmg)